Who Does The Voice Of Pizza Steve

By | March 13, 2017

Have You Ever Wondered Who Does the Voice of Pizza Steve?

Who Does The Voice Of Pizza Steve

Have you ever watched Uncle Grandpa cartoon and see Pizza Steve? Don’t you ever wonder who does the voice of Pizza Steve? If you like watching Cartoon Network, you know that the series Uncle Grandpa is on and one of the main characters is the pizza guy with a lot of confidence – a little too much, in my opinion.

About Uncle Grandpa

If you like this animated American series that was first introduced to the Cartoon Network in 2013, then you must be familiar with some of the charactes, including Pizza Steve and his fellows. The animated series alone was made by Peter Browngardt based on his short creation. The idea is about a surreal animatio with comedy and adventure action mix relying much on the catchphrases and visual gags. Each episode lasts for 11 minutes and there is a unique format of the show: the main story itself is about seven to nine minutes with fast visual jokes for short bumpers and the side characters’ original short focus. So, who does the voice of Pizza Steve? It’s none other than Adam DeVine – you probably remember him from Pitch Perfect.

About Pizza Steve

Pizza Steve is basically the side character that accompanies Uncle Grandpa in his journey. Uncle Grandpa himself is a babysitter of every kid ini this world, making stops at the kids’ house every day to check on them. Whenever he visits, he finds that these kids have problems and Uncle Grandpa will help – although his method often includes surreal and chaotic journey first. Besides being accompanied by Belly Bag, his fanny pack that can talk, he is also accompanied by Mr. Gus (a dinosaur), the Giant Realistic Flying Tiger (a tiger’s photo cutout), and also Pizza Steve (the pizza slice). Pizza Steve is quite a confident slice of pizza that likes to brag about himself, thinking that he’s the coolest pizza on earth. Now that you have found out who does the voice of Pizza Steve, it should clear things up, right?

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