Temperature To Reheat Pizza

By | March 16, 2017

The Right Temperature to Reheat Pizza Properly

Temperature To Reheat Pizza

Have you ever asked yourself what is the right temperature to reheat pizza? So you bought this bunch of pizzas after you haven’t eaten them in so long. It turned out that you are stuffed and coudln’t take it anymore. You decide to keep them and reheat them later on. After all, pizzas are still good withiin 2 days of peoper storage. But what is the right temperature to bring the warmth back and what kind of heating device you should choose?


Some of the Basic Principles

Besides the considerations about the right temperature to reheat pizza, you should also know the proper way to do the thing. If you want to reheat it, don’t use the microwave – it sure brings the warmth back but it makes the crust tough and rather chewy. Unless you are heating the frozen microwave pizza, you should find other alternatives for the reheating process. Here are some of the basic guidance:

  • Use the toaster oven when you only want to reheat a slice, or two, max. You can set the toaster oven in medium darkness. Use one cycle if you have allowed the pizza in room temperature. Use two cycles if you have taken it directly from the refrigerator.
  • You can also use the skillet, heat it up on medium setting for around a minute, place the pizza, and then cover it with a lid. Cook for around 3 minutes and you are good to go
  • If you have more pizzas to reheat, heat uup the cooking sheet in foil line withiin 450 degrees Fahrenheit until it is hot. Arranges the pizza slices on the sheet until you can see the cheese goes bubbly – around 10 minutes.


By now you have understood about the right temperature to reheat pizza and what methods you can use for the heating up. Try it and you can enjoy the soft and tasty pizza.

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