How Many Slices In A Medium Pizza Dominos

By | March 16, 2017

How Many Slices in a Medium Pizza Dominos: Knowing the Cuts

How Many Slices In A Medium Pizza Dominos

There are some popular names in the pizza industry, seriously. If you think that all pizzerias have the same guidance, the same policies, and the same rules. Different pizza parlors have different regulations and policies of their own. So if you have been wondering about how many slices in a medium pizza Dominos, the answer may not be the same as the dimension and slices in other parlors. If you really want to know, there are some basic knowledge about pizza in general – including the many slices in the pie.

The Default Sizing

Basically, the regular pizza size will be cut into eight slices for both the medium and large size. This is a pretty standard cut in some of the most popular parlors like Pizza Hut, Hungry Howie, Domino, and Papa John. But then again, they can have their own policies and different guidance that isn’t written on stone. A small pizza is generally cut into four slices while the medium one can be cut into six or eight. For the large size, the cut may be in eight or twelve slices. In Chuck E parlor, for example, te medium pizza is cut into 10 slices. Those are the explanations for the question of how many slices in a medium pizza Dominos.


If you want to know how many slices in a medium pizza Dominos, there are also some arrangements for the cut based on the thickness of the pizza crust. The size of the pizza is determined by the diameter of the pizza, not by how may slices you can get from it. Besides the default cuts and slices, there is also the consideration about the thickness. The regular pizza can get the default cuts as described above while the thin pizza will have the different cuts and slices. Unlike the round and thick pizza, the thin is cut into squares (no matter whether it is medium or large) with the total slices of 16.

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