Does Pizza Hut Have Calzones

By | March 13, 2017

Does Pizza Hut Have Calzones? The Answer

Does Pizza Hut Have Calzones

Does Pizza Hut have calzones? Well, they kind of did back then but now they don’t, in my understanding. They used to have the so called P’Zone – I guess it was for Pizza Hut Zone which was basically a calzone because you had several toppings that are stuffed together into the baked hot pocket of dough. But now Pizza Hut has changed the P’Zone with P’Zolo which is a subway sandwich. The calzone is gone and replaced by the sandwich instead.

About the Changes of the Menu

So, basically, it comes down to the sales strategy of offering something different (which is actually the same but in different style) that is implemented by Pizza Hut. If you ask does Pizza Hut have calzones now? The answer is no. They did before but now they have replaced the calzone with the sub sandwich. According to some people, the P’Zolo itself looks like a Stromboli instead of a cannolo because of the ricotta cheese filling and the fact that it is served for desserts. Whatever marketing hypes that Pizza Hut tries to pull off, you can find p’Zolo at the place.

The P’Zolo itself is said to come in three different variations, which are:

  • Italian Steak, consisting of roasted peppers with steak shavings, mushrooms, and onions
  • Buffalo Chicken, consisting of grilled breast chicken strips and the buffalo sauce (spicy)
  • Meat Trio, consisting of ham, pepperoni, and Italian Sauage

All of these combos will be placed within the enclosed dough crust that has Asiago cheese top baked on the site, and served with marinara sauce or Ranch dressing – you need to choose which one you like. So, does Pizza Hut have calzones? No, but the new P’Zolo is worth to try if you want to try a new combination rather than the regular pie dough crust. It is a worth effort to try.

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